Resource PACK

Tools, guides + templates you can use to help your campaign succeed.


First things first. Read up about the Fossil Free campaign and how your community can get involved.

Fossil Free Campaign Guide →
Step-by-step guide to running a local Fossil Free campaign and group.

How to host a fossil free gathering →
Step-by-step guide to hosting an event that introduces people to Fossil Free.

Fossil Free Organising Principles →
The list of principles that all Fossil Free groups agree to adhere to.


These trainings will run you step-by-step through how to set up a strong local campaign group.

Download all →
If you use google-drive, copy this folder to your drive and explore and adapt the resources for your local group. Otherwise, you can download each individual resource using the links below.
Download all as .PDF or .DOC

Training Menu Overview →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 1 – Choose a Target →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 2 – Make Decisions Together →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 3 – Build Your Strategy →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 4 – Build People Power with Digital Tools →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 5 – Share your Story →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

Workshop 6 – Create your Campaign Timeline →
Download as .PDF or .DOC

BONUS Workshop – Building an Effective Team →
Download as .PDF or .DOC



These resources will help you campaign effectively and reach more people.

Media + Press toolkit →
Learn how to use the news media to bring new people into your campaign, increase public support, and grow the movement.

Videos →
Screen these at the start of any upcoming Fossil Free events to inspire people and get everyone up to speed on the basics of the Fossil Free campaign.

Graphics →
Including logos, fonts and images to help you promote your event and build up a recognisable presence online and in the streets.

Storytelling + Climate change →
Plan a digital storytelling project and get tips and tactics for conducting interviews and building an online story.


Get new organising and campaigning skills and learn from peers in the movement.

Online Skill-ups →
Use interactive activities and multimedia to teach yourself skills you can use on organizing, movement-building, and climate change.

Organising Story Labs →
Learn from case studies and first hand experiences of what has and hasn’t worked on other campaigns.

Campaign Foundations