The UK is going

Fossil Free

City by city, town by town — we’re building a movement to take back power from the fossil fuel industry, and build an energy system that works for all.

We are part of a powerful global movement working to build a future free from the injustice of climate change, and free from the profiteering fossil fuel industry that drives it.

By dismantling the power of the fossil fuel industry, we can make space for real climate solutions, and build a future powered by clean, community-led renewable energy.

Our public institutions must take a stand, cut their ties with the industry and divest.

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Disobedient art can win the fight against artwashing

In this guest blog, Fossil Free Culture NL share their reflections on their successful campaign that made the Van Gogh museum end its sponsorship with oil and gas company Shell

Fossil Free Culture NL reflects on their campaign against Shell sponsorship

Disobedient art can win the fight against artwashing.
The proof is right here in black and white.

#RiseforClimate: 900+ actions on 7 continents

On 7 continents, in 95 countries, with 900+ actions, people worldwide demanded real climate action from their local leaders.

Let Communities Decide – Campaign Update

All the latest from the campaign opposing government fracking proposals.

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