We can build a
Fossil Free

A fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all.
No new coal, oil or gas projects. Anywhere.
Not a penny more for dirty energy

We’re calling for a fast and just transition to a Fossil Free world Together, we're building a movement to stop all new fossil fuel projects and fast forward a 100% renewable energy transition that works for everyone

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Register a Fossil Free gathering for March 10 —  Get people together to plan a local campaign where you live from March 10 onwards. You’ll receive a full event support pack, a film to screen and lots of support along the way:


Join the movement

Will you pledge to act for a Fossil Free world, and call on communities, governments and institutions – local and international – to stand with us? Together we must:

  1. Ban all new coal, oil and gas projects and begin phasing out those that are already built.
  2. Divest from and defund fossil fuel projects. Not a penny more should go to fossil fuels.
  3. Commit to a rapid, just transition towards 100% renewable energy for all.

The age of fossil fuels is over. We are ready to create the change.

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The Fossil Free demands

Fossil Free is a global campaign led by local groups demanding our local communities and institutions commit to:

Fast & Just Transition to 100% Renewable Energy for all 

Accelerate the transition to a new, just clean energy economy that works for everyone by supporting community-led energy solutions.  

No new fossil fuel projects. Anywhere. 

Stop and ban all oil, coal and gas projects from being built through local resolutions and community resistance.

Not a penny more for dirty energy

Cut off the social license and financing for fossil fuels -- divest, desponsor and defund.  

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