We Can
Build a
Coal- Free
East Asia

We are saying ‘enough!’ We are all claiming our rights to a healthy environment with clean air, water and soil by demanding an end to the needless and dangerous over-dependence on coal.

It’s time to end the age of coal by:


We need an energy revolution.

Solutions are already available to reduce our dependence on coal. Now is the time to embrace clean renewable energy.

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City by city, town by town, we're going fossil-free. https://bit.ly/2IZfijs #FossilFree
It’s time to organise, stop coal and build local renewable power. https://bit.ly/2IZfijs #FossilFree
City by city, town by town, we’re ending the age of fossil fuels and building a world of community-led renewable energy. https://bit.ly/2IZfijs #FossilFree
It’s not just about changing light bulbs, or waiting for politicians to lead. It’s about building local people power. This is what you can do in your community. https://bit.ly/2IZfijs #FossilFree
It’s time for communities all over East Asia to stand up and say “No more Fossil Fuels!" https://bit.ly/2IZfijs #FossilFree
The #FossilFree campaign is going to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world that is powered by community-led renewable energy for all. https://bit.ly/2IZfijs
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Unity in Diversity

The Fossil Free Campaign is building a grassroots movement to face the dirty energy industry and make the transition to 100% renewable energy.

Climate leadership means evolving beyond coal

Energy companies must rise to the level of action that the climate crisis demands and keep their competitive edge in the rapidly changing energy landscape. We want the fossil-fuel dinosaurs to evolve into renewable energy champions, because their failure to evolve also means our collective extinction.

Building a clean Indonesia, together

We would like to ask everyone to take a bold action to fight the climate crisis, and invite everyone from the local communities, including the local government for a fast and just transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

Rise for Climate Action – Join the Webinar

The climate movement is gearing up for a huge day of action on September 8. Around the world, thousands of events in neighborhoods and cities will call for commitments to a #FossilFree world.

We’re going #FossilFree

East Asia, our region is the last bastion of coal dependence. This has to stop: city by city, town by town, we need to end the age of fossil fuels and establish fossil-free communities.