Climate change is one of the greatest threats we face. Science tells us it is caused by global warming that comes from greenhouse gases emitted mostly by fossil fuel projects that are also destroying the lives and livelihood of people in the places that host them.

We believe that from extraction to combustion, fossil fuel development  mostly affects the people who benefit the least from its development and more so are impacted the most by climate change.

We need to bridge the gap between the people who struggle to survive and thrive amid climate change and the harmful impacts of fossil-fuel development  including the institutions that help finance fossil-fuelled development.

We need to give a voice to those in the frontlines so that they can tell their stories of tragedy and triumph against dirty energy.  Let us respond to the climate crisis as a unified voice fighting for the future of humankind.

Let the narrative of the vulnerable and those in the frontlines of the struggle against the effects of fossil fuel speak truth to power. Let us tell the world about a future free from the reliance on fossil fuel.