About Why Fossil Fuel Struggle Stories?

Climate change is one of the greatest threat we are facing. Science tells us that it is caused by global warming that comes from greenhouse gasses emitted mostly by fossil-fuel projects that are also destroying the lives and livelihood of people in the places that hosts them.

We believe that from extraction to combustion fossil-fuel development has brought the greatest impacts on the people that have benefitted the least from its development and more so are impacted the most by climate change.

We need to bridge the gap between the people who are in a struggle to survive and thrive amidst climate change and the harmful impacts of fossil-fuel development and the institutions that help finance fossil-fuelled development.

We need to give a voice to those in the frontlines so that they can tell their stories of tragedy and triumph against dirty energy, as we respond to the climate crisis as unified voice fighting for the future of humankind.

Let the narrative of the vulnerable and those in the frontlines of the struggle speak truth to power. Let’s tell the world that fossil free future is possible.

What are the guiding questions for the interviews?

  • State your name, age, occupation and how long you have lived in this community?
  • Could you describe this place before the coal plant was constructed (describe how it looked like, what sort of livelihood people had, could you describe the kind of ecosystem this place used to have)
  • What was life before before they constructed the coal plan?
  • What changes did you notice once it was constructed?
  • How has the construction impacted you? Your family?
  • How do you feel about the project?
  • Do you think it benefits the community?
  • Has there been opposition to the project?
  • What do you think should be done?