#What is Divest East Asia Network ( DEAN )?

Divest East Asia Network (DEAN) is a network facilitated by various Fossil Free campaigns and interested organizations. Fossil Free is a campaign being led by 350.org and East Asia team. We aim to build a divestment movement and help to stigmatized the fossil fuel industry. By removing its political and economic power, we enable to create space for just solutions to our climate crisis.

  • Are you already involved in a fossil fuel divestment campaign in your country and want to be part of making it even more powerful over this coming year?
  • Do you want to improve your skills and meet other East Asian campaigners?
  • Do you have Fossil Fuel Struggles stories linked with divestment to share with everyone?
  • Do you have skills and knowledge to share with other Fossil Free campaigners?

If you answered ‘yes’ then Divest East Asia Network is for you. We’re bringing our diverse regional movement together for skill sharing. It’ll be a chance to meet other East Asian Fossil Free organisers from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and beyond, to share stories, knowledge and build our skills  together.

DEAN photo-2

DEAN wants…

  • To share more East Asia divestment news/ information with regional partners who have been working on divestment or willing to do so.
  • To announce and share East Asia updates from 350 Fossil Free global network on some report shared by partners.
  • To work together on specific projects if needed and create a safer space for further communications.

DEAN members are…

  • Divestment organizers, campaigners, activists, grassroot leaders, youth leaders, community leaders….etc.
  • Partner NGOs around East Asia that participate in Fossil Free campaigns.
  • All the civil stakeholders who are involved in campaigning against fossil fuel related projects.

DEAN will…

  • Discuss!
    • Regular Check-in Calls is set up every 1st Monday of the Month in English via online tool, to dive in further now it is committee format and let me know if you want to join
  • Share!
    • Align with East Asia Climate Leadership Program, we will share, discuss, talk about the recent updates on divestment campaign development to wider audience on webinar format.
  • Meet!