East Asia is the last bastion of coal in our global struggle to usher in a fossil-free world, because many countries in the region are needlessly and dangerously over-dependent on coal.

It is a critical region because it hosts many energy projects that extract and burn fossil-fuels to the detriment of the communities and ecosystems that host those destructive facilities particularly in places like Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. At the same time some of the biggest funders and consumers of fossil-fuel energy are also located in the region, namely Japan, China and South Korea, driving further warming while harming the health and livelihood of communities.

We believe that our fight for a fossil-free world challenges us to not only stand and protest the onslaught of coal projects with the communities but more importantly to provide strategic support in facilitating the transition to sustainable and just energy systems by serving as a conduit that will bridge anti-coal communities with sustainability/renewable energy experts in developing community-based/led fossil-free scenarios as their concrete declaration of their aspiration for a fossil free future.

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