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About #FossilFree Video

Watch and learn about how we can all take action to weaken the fossil fuel industry and build a renewable future for all. This video guides people through the steps of how we come together to avert a climate crisis.

#RiseForClimate Videos

Around the world, on September 8, 2018 people everywhere kicked off a wave of action to build the Fossil Free world we need.

Across 7 continents people power is starting to #RiseForClimate and drive our leaders forward.

Africa: As the weather is getting more extreme, in 40 places across the continent, communities came together to raise their voices louder and demand real climate solutions.

#FossilFree Success Stories

Atimonan, Philippines: Local priests have galvanized their parish and not only organized the town to stop a coal power plant, they have also installed solar panels on the roof of the church.

Peruíbe, Brazil: People from across the city of Peruíbe came together to stop a massive power plant. It’s an inspiring example of how community power can tip the scales of power.

New York City, New York: Mayor Bill deBlasio’s January announcement that New York City would divest its pensions from fossil fuels, and begin lawsuits against major oil companies was a groundbreaking announcement. But this win came because of years of New Yorkers working together. Learn how that happened.

#FossilFree Extended Version

Long-form video for events and house parties. Combines all of the above videos into a single package.