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Find a local campaign and join the movement for a Fossil Free UK.

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Fossil Free is about building power where it’s most effective — in our own communities.

At the heart of the movement are hundreds of groups who meet regularly, take action, build support, and win.

Being part of a group is a unique experience, where you can contribute to making genuine change, learn new skills and meet like-minded people from your community.

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There are people across the UK organising in for a Fossil Free future in their communities.

Right now, the main campaign we are working on is divestment. 

Everyone is connected to an institution that shouldn’t be investing in the fossil fuel industry. By convincing our institutions to divest and publicly break their ties, we can challenge the industry’s reputation and power.

Find out more about the divestment campaign

If there isn’t a campaign in your area, and you’re interested in starting one – get in touch by emailing You can check out the resources below for some top tips on getting started.


Everything you need to get campaigning:

  1. Campaign Guide
  2. Local Government Guide
  3. FAQs