Today is one for the history books: the UK government has announced a ban on fracking.

From Balcombe to Blackpool, Sherwood to Ryedale – people power has defeated an industry before it even got off the ground. This victory is one of the biggest the climate movement has ever seen.

1031 days ago, work started at the flagship fracking site at Preston New Road in Lancashire. Local people and their supporters have been resisting at the gates of that site every single day. Their tenacity has now forced the hand of the Conservative government to finally admit defeat and ban this dangerous, climate-wrecking industry.

The fight against fracking has been about much more than saying no to fossil fuels. It has been about building resilient communities, forming international solidarity, and creating a vision of a more just future for everyone.

The anti-fracking movement has shown what can happen when communities on the frontlines take a stand, how local resistance paves the way for national opposition, and how a group of feisty Lancashire Nanas can change the world.

We know the time is ticking on climate breakdown. But the last 12 months have seen unprecedented levels of action across the UK. With more and more people taking disruptive action for the climate, victories like today show us that anything is possible. Today, let us celebrate together and tomorrow let’s take these lessons forward as we continue our fight for climate justice.

I have never been more proud to have been part of this movement. So to each of you who ever stood by the gates of a fracking site in the rain; who made tea, brought cake, wrote letters, signed petitions, wore a badge, honked your horn. To each of you who joined with thousands of others across the country to take action against this industry: this victory is yours.

I usually sign off with ‘until we win’ but today, I’ll just end with this: Thank you. We won.

Anna, on behalf of the 350 team