Divest Parliament

Over 180 current and former MPs have signed the Divest Parliament pledge – has your MP added their name yet?

Over 180 current and former MPs from across the political spectrum have pledged to divest their pension from fossil fuels.

Last summer we witnessed devastating extreme weather events and temperature records being broken all over the world. We know that stopping further dangerous climate change means keeping fossil fuels in the ground and divesting from companies who want to keep on digging.

Over 180 MPs agree: we need a Fossil Free future. It’s time to Divest Parliament.

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Host a Divest Parliament Workshop

We know it’s pressure from constituents that gets MPs to act. So the Divest Parliament team have devised a training session to empower constituents to engage effectively with their MP on climate change – and we want to bring it to where you are!

Become a 350 trainer: apply now!

350.org is recruiting and skilling up new volunteer trainers to build on the exciting political momentum for climate action generated by the Divest Parliament Campaign – apply now to get involved