UK councils are investing millions in the global fracking industry


Call on your council to stand against fracking and divest

After long delays, the fracking industry is now poised to frack for gas in the UK for the first time in 7 years. This is devastating news for the community on the frontlines in Lancashire, where local democracy was overturned to make way for the industry – and they aren’t giving up without a fight.

Fracking isn’t just happening in the UK – it’s a global industry, having global impacts. From Australia to Argentina – fracking projects are threatening communities, destroying local landscapes, and fuelling climate change.

Our local councils are investing in the companies responsible. By investing, they are supporting the fracking industry worldwide.

The plan:

  1. On September 3rd we’ll be releasing our report and interactive table revealing how UK councils are investing in the global fracking industry
  2. On September 8th we’ll join the Rise global day of action to put pressure on council decision-makers to show leadership and divest.

Check out the map to find a local action on September 8th, and the resources for help organising your own.

Click here to add your Divest Fracking action to the map

  1. Divest Fracking Action Guide – view the Google Doc or PDF
  2. Rise for Climate action ideas

Email if you have any questions or want some support.

case study:

The Greater Manchester Pension Fund invests hundreds of millions in BP, one of the key companies involved in the Vaca Muerta mega-fracking project in Patagonia, Argentina.

Watch the video to find out more:

Find out about Fossil Free Greater Manchester