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Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled FAQ

What about divesting my own money?

Key Reports and Articles

Stranded Assets and the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign (Oxford Report) (New)

Institutional Pathways to Fossil Free Investing: Endowment Management in a Warming World (New)

Resilient Portfolios & Fossil Free Pensions (New)

Debunking Myths About Fossil Fuel Divestment (New)

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math – Bill McKibben (in Rolling Stone)

Unburnable Carbon – Carbon Tracker Initiative

Do the Investment Math: Building a Carbon-Free Portfolio – Aperio Group (pdf)

Beyond Fossil Fuels: The Investment Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment – Impax Asset Management (pdf)

Responding to the Call for Fossil-fuel Free Portfolios – MSCI (pdf)

Tracing anthropogenic carbon dioxide and methane emissions to fossil fuel and cement producers

A Students Guide to Reinvestment (pdf)

Spreadsheets, Lists and Charts

List of top 200 Coal, Gas and Oil companies, by proven carbon reserves

List of Exclusions by Asset Class (pdf)

List of US and Canadian University and College endowments

List of Divestment Wins

Top 10 Reasons to Divest

Compilation of top divestment reports & resources from As You Sow

Tools and Templates

Fossil Free: A Campus Guide to Divestment

Recruitment Toolkit (pdf)

Alumni Toolkit (pdf)

Action Work Plan Template

Semester Campaign Planning Template

Sample petitions and letters

Sample Student Government divestment resolution (and a folder of passed resolutions)

Sample Municipal divestment resolution

Sample institutional divestment resolution

Example Divestment Briefing from 350 Toronto

Printable Petition Template (docx)

Printable Petition Template — postcard format (docx)

Sign-up sheet (pdf)

Responsible Endowments Coalition Student Handbook (pdf)

Sample Powerpoint Presentation for President/Board of Trustees (ppt)

Zoos & Aquariums for 350 Handbook

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: What is fossil fuel divestment? (pdf) (New)

Fact Sheet: Climate Change & Public Health (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Climate Change & Wildlife (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Climate Impacts – Storms (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Climate Impacts – Winter Storms (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Climate Impacts – Sea Level Rise (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Climate Impacts – Drought (pdf)

Fact Sheet: Climate Impacts -Wildfires (pdf)


“Divest From…” – Poster by Lisa Purdy (PDF)

5 Steps to a Renewable Future – Infographic by 350 Vermont

“Why Divest College Endowments” – Infographic by Fossil Free Minnesota

Fossil Free logo (.jpg)

Fossil Free logo (.psd)

Fossil Free Movement Math (FB)

Fossil Fuels Are a Bad Bet (FB)

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Workshop Materials

Trainer’s Handbook: Student Divestment Workshop (.pdf)

Divestment Workshop Handouts (.pdf)


Responsible Endowments Coalition

Sustainable Endowments Institute

As You Sow

Energy Action Coalition Coal Divestment website