Divesting from
Fossil Fuels is
the right thing to do.

Divestment Updates

Sweden’s national pension fund to divest from 20 fossil fuel companies

GÖTEBORG, Sweden- The international divestment movement and the Swedish fair pension campaign #schysstapensioner campaign are celebrating a major win today as the Second AP Fund – one of several Swedish national pension funds – announced it would begin divesting from fossil fuels. In a move designed to reduce the financial risks of its investments in (More...)


Glasgow Divests… This Changes Everything

The University of Glasgow has become the first university in Europe to divest from the fossil fuel industry. After a year of student campaigning the University Court has voted today to begin divesting its entire £129 million endowment from fossil fuels. This is a major victory for the UK and Europe’s rapidly growing fossil fuel (More...)

Help Glasgow students make history

A messsage from Sophie Baumert, a student divestment organiser from Glasgow Uni Climate Action society: Over the last year, we have been campaigning for the university to divest its money from the main cause of climate change – fossil fuel companies. Glasgow uni holds investments in the fossil fuel industry worth about £18 million. The (More...)

Church of Sweden completes full divestment

Before the warm glow of empowerment from this weekend’s People’s Climate Mobilisation has even worn off, there’s some incredible news to share with you on the divestment campaign front. President Al Gore is presenting over 800 fossil fuel divestment commitments by institutions and individuals in a speech to heads of state at the UN Climate (More...)

It’s a Sign: Global Divestment Mobilization in 20 Photos

Words are rarely enough…except when they are held in front of widespread, history-changing action calling upon the world to be more accountable. Although divestment signs hailed from the US and Canada to the UK and Germany this past weekend – some hovering over carbon bubbles, others scrawled across a cardboard box – the sentiment was the same: (More...)

$50 billion

Yesterday’s People’s Climate Mobilization was transformative. The climate movement took New York by storm — along with Rio, London, Jakarta, Brisbane, and thousands of other cities and towns around the world. The divestment movement was out in force too!  Of the 50,000 students from 400 campuses at yesterday’s march, many of them were fighting for divestment (More...)

Favorite Photos and Numbers of the People’s Climate March

The world is still grasping what happened yesterday on September 21, 2014 as we came together in the largest mobilization around the environment that history has ever seen. While we find the words to express the enormity, here are some numbers and photos that are helping us along. 400,000: People (with some estimates going even higher) (More...)

Dogs for Divestment! The Pets of the People’s Climate March

Today, on September 21, 2014, we witnessed something massive across the planet. Marching together on six continents, we proved that to change everything, we need everyone. And that includes dogs, too. In the coming days, we are going to reflect, celebrate, and take action. News is exploding everywhere about the march and we know the road (More...)

Where is Divestment at the People’s Climate March?

Most of us have never met in person. For months, we’ve seen each other’s names on emails and petitions; we’ve made plans and spoken on the phone. But this weekend, all of that changes. Right now, on this Saturday morning, you might be reading this post from one of the 500 buses driving from Minnesota, (More...)