Put this date in your diaries now. 

Ahead of the next round of global climate talks in Poland in November, local governments and business leaders are coming together for the biggest event the world has seen to encourage local action on climate change, at the Global Climate Action Summit from 12-14 September. 

But we don’t want more weak promises and unaccountable companies and wealthy elites to run our economies. We want a faster and fairer transition away from fossil fuels to a renewable, clean energy economy that protects workers, defends the most vulnerable, and gives communities control over their own energy systems.   

That’s why from 8-9 September 2018, a massive people’s mobilisation for a Fossil Free world ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit will ensure our demands are front and centre, and ringing in our elected officials’ ears as they meet in California the weekend after.

On 8-9 September we will rise together in our neighbourhoods to take action, telling the story of the communities we want, and showing governments how to follow our lead. We’ll connect all our local efforts globally to help make an unstoppable wave of people’s climate leadership – from our townhalls, to our schools, and places of worship.

Gathering in iconic places in our villages, towns and cities, we will use our creativity, our culture, our hope, our bodies, and our unity to show our leaders the fast and fair Fossil Free world we want. 

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