Today is December 12th– it’s exactly one year since historic climate deal was signed in Paris and the world finally agreed to cooperate in the fight against catastrophic climate change. The world committed to limit warming to 1.5 degrees.

But in the last year we have witnessed record global temperatures month after month. Our institutions, including the majority of Dutch pension funds continue to invest in the fossil fuel companies driving these terrifying climate impacts. Time is running out.

The age of coal, oil and gas has to end now – that’s why we need to invest in the future, today.  Urge your pension fund to make itself #Parisproof by divesting from fossil fuels.


Fortunately on this historic day we also have more hopeful news. News about the growth of our movement, globally – and an important date to put in your agenda for 2017!


However, many institutions are still moving far too slowly. That’s why we have a new target in our sights: in May 2017 we’re mobilising again around the world to shine a spotlight on the impacts of the fossil fuel industry, and escalate the call for governments and other institutions to divest. So:

Put 5 – 13 May in your diaries right now for a Global Divestment Mobilisation on a whole new level.   

With climate impacts ravaging parts of the planet, it’s more critical than ever that we bring the moral urgency of divesting from fossil fuels back into the spotlight and that our institutions — especially at the local level — step up to break free from fossil fuel companies.

Thanks for all your support and involvement – and hopefully see you soon!