Board members Fossielvrij NL

Fossielvrij NL is looking for new board members! As we are building a powerful movement to tackle the climate crisis at this critical time, we are seeking to appoint new passionate and committed board members to join Fossielvrij NL (Stichting ter bevordering van de Fossielvrij beweging).

About Fossielvrij NL
Fossielvrij NL tackles the climate crisis by building a broad, diverse, people-powered movement to break the power of coal, oil and gas companies. This way we accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. Together we demand that public institutions – like pension funds, museums and universities – break their ties with the fossil fuel industry. As a result, we break the power of fossil fuel companies and make political space for a just, decentral energy system with 100% renewable energy for all.
Fossielvrij NL has close ties to the global organization and its international network and currently employs four people supporting the movement in the Netherlands.

About the board
The board of Fossielvrij NL is a so-called supervisory board. The day—to-day management is done by the director, who is accountable to the board. The purpose and rules of Fossielvrij NL are officially documented in the “statuten”, “huishoudelijk reglement” and the “directiestatuut”. Interested candidates can ask for inspection of these documents.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for two new board members who are passionate about building a fossil free society. The new board members will share responsibilities with the current team of four board members. This includes overseeing the governance structure and long-term strategy. Each year, three to four board meetings are held. Board members are appointed for a period of two years, with the option of being re-appointed once for another two year cycle. The tasks differ depending on the role:

* Chair: The chair is responsible for the sound functioning (good governance) of Fossielvrij NL in line with the agreements recorded in the “statute”. The director is responsible for the day to day operations and is accountable to the board. The chair and director prepare the board meetings.
* General board member: For the second role we are looking more broadly for someone who can bring complementary skills and/or networks into the board. Knowledge of human resource management, risk management and (social) media skills are appreciated.

Further (optional) tasks vary in nature and are divided among all board members according to personal expertise and knowledge.

* Experience as a board member and/or director of (non-profit) organizations, preferably small to medium NGOs that are financed with grants and other subsidies.
* Network within relevant fields such as climate science, sustainable finance, pension funds, unions, NGO’s and/or grassroots movements striving for social and/or environmental justice.
* Support Fossielvrij’s theory of change of grassroots movement building and divestment campaigns.
* Strong interest in and commitment to the values and goals of the Fossil Free movement and a clear understanding of the nature of the climate crisis.
* Verbal and written fluency in both Dutch and English is more than favourable.
* Strategic thinker.
* Knowledge about law and/or experience with legal implications of civil disobedience is desired but not required for this position.

We are keen to encourage applications from persons from frontline communities and persons currently underrepresented in the climate movement, including ethnic minority groups, people with disabilities and people who identify as LGBTQI+.

Our internal guidelines specify that the new board member will be appointed by current board members, in consultation with active participants of the fossil free movement through an appointed selection committee.

Board members do not receive any remuneration for their activities, nor do they receive an attendance fee. Board members are treated in the same way as the other volunteers and active participants of the fossil free movement with regards to reimbursements.

If you are interested in applying, please send your motivation letter and your CV to:

For more information please visit our website and/or email: