About Fossil Free

Fossil Free is a global people-powered campaign to end the age of fossil fuels and accelerate a fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

Let’s be clear: the climate crisis is no longer a future threat, it’s a clear and present danger to communities everywhere. So what do we do when everything is on the line? We go all in.

Fossil Free is organising and mobilising people at a scale never attempted before. Working together with communities everywhere, we’re building a global people-powered movement to tackle the fossil fuel industry from every angle.


1) Build Local Power

Powerful, lasting change always comes from the ground up. Street by street, city by city — we'll use new tools and tactics like local bans and resolutions to build a groundswell of public support that our politicians cannot ignore.


2) Not a penny more

We will choke off financing for fossil fuels by divesting our institutions, by pressuring banks to defund oil, coal and gas projects, and by encouraging reinvestment in community-driven energy solutions.


3) Iconic Campaigns

We’ll take on big fights with symbolic importance that can inspire and engage millions of people to believe a Fossil Free world is possible.

How We Work

Principle #1:

We are inclusive

Climate change isn’t just an environmental issue, or a social justice issue, or an economic issue — it’s all of those at once. It’s one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced, and we’re going to have to work together to solve it.

We embrace and actively welcome the talents, energy & commitment of all individuals volunteering their time to the Fossil Free campaign regardless of their background, ethnicity, religious or spiritual belief, gender and sexual orientation. We react immediately against disrespect.

Our movement is built on the relationships of its participants. We will work every day to build trust, respect and reciprocity among members of the Fossil Free movement. We assume all Fossil Free campaigners have good intentions.

Principle #2:

We are Open-Source

We welcome anyone to use and adapt the Fossil Free name and use its visual identity, resources and campaign tools if their actions, demands and communications are consistent with these principles and the campaign’s goals.

We understand that a shared identity makes our movement stronger, and that we are all responsible for co-creating and maintaining that public image.

Principle #3:

We’re all leaders

Fossil Free groups are autonomous and responsible for ensuring their organising, facilitation, decision making, communications, tactics and actions are consistent with these principles and the campaign aims.

We encourage a variety of decision-making tools and processes within campaigning groups. This can range from consensus on key strategic decisions and thorough consultation to inform ‘big’ decisions, while entrusting day-to-day decisions to working groups and smaller teams.

Principle #4:

We Take Action

We encourage a plurality of tactics — it strengthens our movement. We understand the role of public action in mobilising a critical mass of public support behind our cause. And we recognise the importance of escalating those actions when our demands aren’t met.

We are committed to maintaining non-violent discipline in all of our actions. We support those who take direct action and respect those who are not in a position to take part.


Fossil Free started in 2012 as a campaign to divest our institutions from fossil fuels. Thousands of divestment campaigns around the world are helping shift public opinion in favour of keeping fossil fuels in the ground and highlighting the moral urgency of climate action. Divestment remains a key part of the Fossil Free campaign and you can learn more about the tactic and its successes here.

Starting in late 2017 the Fossil Free campaign entered a new phase by expanding the range of tools and tactics it uses to help accelerate a fair transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewables for all.