Lindsay Meiman
U.S. Communications Coordinator

Richard Brooks
Divestment Campaign Coordinator


Media Releases: 

July 15 2020 New York State’s Pension Fund Divests from 22 Coal Companies

April 8, 2020 Majority Of New York Senators Support Fossil Fuel Divestment Act

March 13, 2020 ADVISORY: Amidst oil crash, New Yorkers to lobby for state pension Fossil Fuel Divestment Act

March 12, 2020 Pandemic & market crash escalates urgency of New York State divestment fight

January 29, 2020 on New York Comptroller announcing coal divestment review

January 21, 2020 Mayor De Blasio, Comptroller Stringer and Trustees Take Major Next Step To Achieve Fossil Fuel Divestment

April 30, 2019  New York State legislative hearing escalates urgency of fossil fuel divestment

February 27, 2019 Delivering thousands of petitions, New Yorkers take creative action, lobby for fossil fuel divestment

February 26, 2019 Ahead of lobby day tomorrow, officials respond to DiNapoli’s unusual call against divestment

October 4, 2018 New analysis: Comptroller DiNapoli cost New Yorkers over $22 billion for refusing fossil fuel divestment

 September 24, 2018 WNYC report reveals conflict of interest between New York State Comptroller DiNapoli’s office and pipeline company, groups demand investigation

September 10, 2018 Global Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Reaches $6.24 Trillion in Assets Under Management, 120x Increase From Four Years Ago, Report Says

September 10, 2018 welcomes London & New York’s Launch of Global Divest/Invest Coalition

January 10, 2018 New Yorkers celebrate as NYC Mayor announces divestment from fossil fuels, files climate lawsuit  

December 19, 2017 New York City and State plan to #DivestNY’s $390 billion pensions from fossil fuels: “an undeniable victory for the global divestment movement”

November 29, 2017 In New York, Experts Urge Fossil Fuel Divestment at Public Advocates’ Public Hearing on Climate Change

November 15, 2017 on NYC Pension Climate Risk Study: “no more excuses not to divest

September 18, 2017 New Yorkers Announce #Sandy5 Mobilization Around Fifth Anniversary of Superstorm

June 1, 2017 New Yorkers Stand Up Against Trump Attack on Paris Climate Agreement – June 1st Rally

May 30, 2017 New York Comptroller DiNapoli’s Shareholder Engagement on Climate with Exxon Misguided

May 18, 2017 New Yorkers intensify urgency to #DivestNY from oil, gas and coal

May 9, 2017 New Yorkers Rally Inside Trump Tower to Condemn Trump’s Climate Policies and Urge City Divestment

May 8, 2017 State Lawmakers Urged to Divest NY’s Pension Funds from Fossil Fuels

May 4, 2017 New Yorkers harness Peoples Climate March power for #DivestNY actions

February 23, 2017 on New York State’s Renewed Exxon Climate Resolution

February 14, 2017 New Yorkers urge De Blasio & Stringer to #DeFundDAPL, divest from risky fossil fuels

February 3, 2017 Groups commend Stringer’s climate risk study, pledge to ramp up pressure

January 26, 2017 Retired teachers urge pension to divest from fossil fuels

December 15, 2016 New Yorkers rally at NYC pension meeting calling for full fossil fuel divestment

December 12, 2016 REPORT: Fossil fuel divestment doubles in size as institutions representing $5 trillion commit to divest

December 12, 2016 American Museum of Natural History slashes fossil fuel holdings as global divestment commitments hit $5 trillion in assets

October 17, 2016 New Yorkers issue new challenge to divest City & State pensions from fossil fuels

October 15, 2016 NYC’s Largest Public Employee Union Explores Fossil Fuel Divestment 

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