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Doe mee, maak Nederland Fossielvrij!

De wereldwijde fossielvrij beweging is breed, divers en groeit snel – blijf op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen en kom in actie!

Dank je wel!

Divestment Updates

Sacrifice zones in Germany and The Netherlands

  This weekend I went to the  Klimacamp im Rheinland. Every year this is being held in the area surrounding the Lignite mine in Garzweiler. The demo we had went straight through the village of Immerath, a ghost town. I think there were only three families still living there. And after they had dug up the cemetery (More...)

Why ‘no’ isn’t in my vocabulary anymore

Why didn’t I go to the Fossil Free Europe Gathering last year when it was held in The Netherlands? Man, this seems to be a recurring theme with me. I should have gone to Ende Gelaende 2015. I should have gone to that Fossil Free weekend. I should have participated in that direct action against (More...)

Perceptions of Failure: Lessons from the Fossil Free Europe 2016 Gathering

In the 1980s, an activist and scholar called Bill Moyers created a tool called the Movement Action Plan or MAP. MAP lays out the eight stages of the process of social movement success, ranging from the status quo to eventual victory and mainstream acceptance. The Movement Action Plan has been used by activists for almost (More...)

Tijd voor Ende Gelände klimaatactie 2018 in NL

Blog door Egbert Born. In het Pinksterweekend lukte het in Duitsland 4000 klimaatactivisten de grootste bruinkoolmijn van de EU in Lausitz plat te leggen. Ik was er een van en liep met veel Nederlanders in de frontlinie van de voorste eenheid, de groene vinger. De massieve actie Ende Gelände van burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid in witte overalls (More...)

From treehugger to trespasser: Ende Gelände 2016

I really should have been there. That was all I could think about after last year’s Ende Gelände. Seeing all the videos, pictures and hearing personal stories from my friends really made me feel I missed out on something. So this year I would be there. Not a doubt in my mind. I wanted to have (More...)

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Break Free in Wales

As preparations for our bus trip to Ende Gelände next week continue at a breakneck speed, some of our friends, who were foaming at the bit, are joining one of the first worldwide actions of Break Free in Wales. Reclaim the Power is going to shut down the UK’s largest opencast coal mine – Ffos-y-fran (More...)

Break Free in Batangas, Filipijnen

Afgelopen zomer heb ook ik meegedaan aan de massale Ende Gelände actie in de Garzweiler mijnen. Een dag waar ik nog altijd met gemengde gevoelens op terug kijk. De Duitse politie heeft een flinke indruk op mij achtergelaten door te proberen met geweld ons tegen te houden, en daar heb ik het een tijd lang (More...)

I should have been there

I should have been there. That’s what kept running through my mind after last year’s Ende Gelände in Garzweiler. But I wasn’t. I was at home coordinating the social media for Fossielvrij Nederland and saw all these amazing images of brave people trying to get into the pit and some succeeding. Later I read articles (More...)

Has ABP started to divest?

We’ve got big news: an investigation has revealed that ABP has, quietly, started divesting from the fossil fuel industry. Although ABP is keeping this news quiet, researchers found that ABP’s investments in the world’s biggest coal, oil and gas companies dropped by €5.3bn over the past year.  That’s partly due to the plummeting share prices (More...)

Mayor wants to rid Copenhagen of ‘totally wrong’ investments in coal, oil and gas

Yesterday, Copenhagen’s finance committee agreed to move forward on a proposal by the mayor to divest the fossil fuel holdings of the city’s 6.9bn kroner (€920m) investment fund. Detailed proposals for implementation will now be developed and taken to Copenhagen Council for final decision. Mayor Frank Jensen told the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information: “Copenhagen is (More...)

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