For 50 years, the World Economic Forum has been claiming “to improve the state of the world”.  As Greta Thunberg drew attention to in Davos last year with her scathing speech, they have failed.

With unprecedented fires devastating Australia, our house is literally on fire as world leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland again this week.

School strikers have laid down a bold challenge to all world leaders and WEF participants to abandon the fossil fuel economy once and for all. Specifically to:

    • immediately halt all investments in fossil fuel exploration and extraction
    • immediately end all fossil fuel subsidies
    • immediately and completely divest from fossil fuels

Watch and share the video below if you support the youth strikers’ demands to world leaders and Davos participants:

Join the movement for a Fossil Free world

The growing climate catastrophe and inequality we see all around us at the start of 2020 is largely caused by the 1000 largest companies worldwide that are members of the World Economic Forum. Global inequality is still on the rise, as highlighted by a report out today, which shows that the world’s billionaires whose interests are represented in Davos own more wealth than 4.6 billion people worldwide.

A Swiss coalition called StrikeWEF are convinced that the time is right to resume mass resistance to the WEF and that the winter hike and strike they are leading to Davos can help amplify the growing movements working for climate justice around the world.

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