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Photos are a crucial tool to help people visualise what a Fossil Free world looks like. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing photos:

  • People + Communities

    Look for imagery that shows groups of people taking action together — ordinary people coming together in their communities to resist the fossil fuel industry and build their own renewable energy.

  • Representation

    The climate crisis crosses cultural, geographic, racial, age, gender, religious and political boundaries. Make sure that the photos you choose accurately represent all the different communities in your area.

  • Energy + Momentum

    People moving, shouting, singing, smiling — photos that help people feel like they’re part of a energetic, powerful, ambitious movement.

More photos on Flickr

Crediting photographers: Good photos are crucial for visuals, and it's hard to get good photos without good photographers. Make sure to credit the photographer, and don't use photos without permission.

Photos, from top left: Mohamed Nasheed, Former President of the Maldives, Malé (unknown). Cliffs of Moher, Ireland (Eamon Ryan). Indian women testing a solar cooker (UN Photo). Dumaguete, Philippines (Therese Quijano). Oloibiri, Nigeria (Babawale Obayanju). Anacortes, Washington, USA (unknown).

Goals for Visuals:

  1. Communicate simply and clearly.
  2. Connect and unify climate work happening around the world by using a shared system of flexible visual elements.
  3. Showcase the diversity, vibrance and momentum of the people fighting to build a better world in the face of climate change.
  4. Express hope and optimism in the face of increasingly destructive climate impacts.