(Document) Fossil Free Media Q&A
Answers to some of the most common questions we get from the media. View/Download
(Document) Fossil Free Core Media Narrative
Document laying out the core narrative behind the Fossil Free movement, for use in all media work. View/Download
(pdf) Get people involved in your group: a checklist
A short checklist for groups who want to attract more people to get (and stay) involved. View/Download
(pdf) How to organise a successful meeting
Good meetings are vital to working together as a group, whether this is a campaign group, a self-development or support group. They can make all the difference between a group feeling motivated and dynamic or a group getting stuck. View/Download
(pdf) SumOfUs Progressive Style Guide
Writing style guide for activists looking to harness language in support of building inclusive, intersectional campaigns. View/Download
(pdf) NEON Power and Privilege Guide
This guide is for people who are seeking to deepen, share and open up their existing awareness of power and privilege with others - be they colleagues, fellow activists, or friends and family. It contains tools and information to help understand and address behaviours that reinforce privilege and unhealthy power dynamics. View/Download
(pdf) Investing for the Future, Divesting Local Councils
An introductory briefing for local councillors on divestment ahead of the May 2017 local council elections across the UK. View/Download
(pdf) ‘Fossil Fuel Divestment: A Practical Introduction’ – MSCI Report
Practical briefing on how to divest your portfolio from MSCI View/Download
(pdf) Frack Barclays Poster
Poster from FoE to use in the Barclays week of action. View/Download
(pdf) Frack Barclays Flyer
Flyer from FoE to use in the week of action. View/Download
(pdf) Friends of the Earth’s Barclays Action Guide
Action guide from Friends of the Earth for the upcoming #FrackBarclays week of action. View/Download
(pdf) Letter to Barclays Branch Manager
Sample letter from Friends of the Earth to give to Barclays Branch Managers in the week of action. View/Download
(pdf) How to use Fossil Free petition site and tools
350.org offers all Fossil Free groups a campaigns toolkit through campaigns.gofossilfree.org. This How To covers how to set up and use petitions, events and the campaigns site's email and social media sharing functions. View/Download
(pdf) Blackrock: Adapting Portfolios to Climate Change
Concise report covering why and how to adapt investment portfolios to climate risk. View/Download
(pdf) Workshop on Collective Liberation
1 hour workshop template exploring collective liberation and intersectionality from People and Planet. View/Download
(pdf) Fossil Fuel Divestment: A Briefing for Councillors
Briefing on the 'what, why and how' of divestment aimed at neutral or supportive local government decision-makers (particularly councillors). View/Download
(Document) West Yorkshire Pension Fund Campaign Report
Report to the West Yorkshire Pension Fund committee breaking down the case for divestment. View/Download
(pdf) FoE Briefing on Local Government Pension Divestment
Briefing from Friends of the Earth on the campaign to divest local government pensions from January 2016. View/Download
(pdf) Newton Investment Management Report on Fossil Fuel Screening
Report from respected investment management firm showing that there is no detrimental financial impact to screening out fossil fuels from an investment portfolio. View/Download
(pdf) ShareAction Asset Managers Survey
Survey of the Responsible Investment practices of the UK's largest fund and investment managers - most are inadequate in evaluating carbon risk. View/Download
(pdf) Reinvesting Pension – Community Reinvest Report
This report has been produced to assist councillors, local government staff, pension holders and the wider public to understand how we can reinvest to build a new economy. View/Download
(pdf) Divest Hackney Financial Presentation
A slideshow from Divest Hackney outlining the financial case for divesting the Hackney Pension Fund. View/Download
(pdf) ‘Developing an Asset Owner Climate Change Strategy’ by PRI
Report from Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) exploring different options for managing carbon risk in portfolios including sections on divestment/negative screening and reinvestment. View/Download
(pdf) Trade Union Briefing by Platform
Platform has just launched a new briefing to help trade union members in the UK push their local authority pension fund to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest into progressive, sustainable alternatives. View/Download
(pdf) Environment Agency Pension Fund statement on divestment policy
Announcement from the EAPF to reduce exposure to coal by 90% and oil/gas by 50% for moral and financial reasons. The first public pension fund in the UK to make a divestment commitment based on these principles. View/Download
(pdf) Divestment Organizer Diaries: A collection of training agendas
A Collection of Training Agendas written by US Students, Student Alumni, and Staff of the Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement. Intended as a 'go-to resource for divestment organizers who are seeking tools designed specifically for student audiences'. View/Download
(pdf) Kepler Cheuvreux Report on Oil Prices and Stranded Assets
Until now, concern over new high-cost oil projects potentially becoming stranded in future has focused on the risk should prices fall. However, there is another dimension to stranded-asset risk, namely the risk posed by a scenario of sustained higher oil prices over the longer term. View/Download
(pdf) MSCI FAQ on divestment finance
Brief summary of financial arguments for divestment from MSCI - useful as a resource to give to decision-makers View/Download
(pdf) FTSE financial advice on divestment
Brief summary of arguments for reducing the exposure of portfolios to fossil fuels from FTSE View/Download
(Video) #DivestUK Web Workshop – Digital Magic
Learn about social media and digital tools for campaigning from 350.org View/Download
(Video) #DivestUK Web Workshop – Campaign Storytelling
Inspirational campaigning stories and top tips from campaigners from Edinburgh University, Harvard and BP or not BP View/Download
(Video) #DivestUK Web Workshop – Local Authority Campaigning
Get tips on local authority campaigning from Fossil Free Oxfordshire and 350.org View/Download
(Video) #DivestUK Web Workshop – Introduction to Divestment
350.org, Carbon Tracker, The Guardian and others go over ethical and financial divestment arguments View/Download
(pdf) WWF Report on Danish Pension Fund Divestment
Report from WWF to the Danish Pension Fund advising divestment View/Download
(Slideshow) Fossil Free Health Slideshow
Medact and Healthy Planet go over the Fossil Free Health campaign View/Download
(Document) Workshop Facilitation Tools
Tools for facilitating workshops and meetings from People & Planet View/Download
(Slideshow) Divest London Slideshow
Find out more about the Divest London campaign View/Download
(Slideshow) Reinvestment Slideshow
Community Reinvest look at reinvestment options View/Download
(Slideshow) Divesting Your Pension Slideshow
ShareAction explore how you can divest your own pension View/Download
(Slideshow) Digital Magic Slideshow
Learn about social media and digital tools for campaigning from 350.org View/Download
(Slideshow) Local Authority Campaigning Slideshow
Get tips on local authority campaigning from Fossil Free Oxfordshire and 350.org View/Download
(pdf) A legal briefing for Charity Trustees considering divestment
Divest Invest: Legal Considerations for Charity Trustees View/Download
(pdf) Divestment Financial Glossary
Glossary of divestment terms and concepts View/Download
(pdf) Mercer: Investing in a Time of Climate Change
Report from Mercer on climate risk to investors, to give to asset managers and decision makers. View/Download
(pdf) Local Government Reinvestment
Blog from Friends of the Earth Scotland about 6 local governments that are innovating for sustainability View/Download
(pdf) Fossil Free Media Toolkit
Your guide to getting your campaign in the media View/Download
(pdf) Campaign Strategy Guide
A short guide to Campaign Strategy to help you get started with planning a campaign View/Download
(pdf) Power Mapping: A Guide from the Change Agency
A guide to doing a power mapping exercise on your target from the Change Agency. View/Download
(pdf) Team Building Top Tips
Short 'Team Building' guide with top tips for building a campaign team View/Download
(pdf) Briefing for London Assembly
A comprehensive briefing for the London Assembly on fossil fuel divestment from Divest London. View/Download
(pdf) Financial Briefing for Edinburgh City Council
A briefing prepared by Friends of the Earth Scotland for Edinburgh City Council on the financial and environmental case for fossil fuel divestment. View/Download
(pdf) Law Commission Briefing on Fiduciary Duty
A summary document of a recent ruling by the UK Law Commission that institutional investors 'fiduciary duty' should consider the environmental and social impacts of their investments. This redefines conventional wisdom that short term returns should be prioritised over all else.
(pdf) Campaign Guide – NUS
Student campaign guide looking at fossil fuel and arms divestment from National Union of Students (NUS) View/Download
(pdf) Divest! Report on Fossil Fuels and the Big Banks
A report from Move Your Money detailing the £66bn fossil fuel holdings of the Big 5 UK banks View/Download
(pdf) Fact Sheet: Climate Change & Public Health
Fact Sheet created by the John Hopkins University divestment campaign team looking at the implications of climate change for public health worldwide. View/Download
(pdf) How to make a Divestosaurus
Need a prop to make a visual impact as part of your divestment campaign? Follow this step-by-step guide from People & Planet, to make your own fossil fuel dinosaur. View/Download
(pdf) The financial case for disinvesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting in low-carbon sectors
This report outlines the financial case for Churches and other institutions to disinvest from fossil fuels and explores opportunities for reinvestment in renewable energy and other low-carbon sectors. View/Download
(pdf) Encouraging Divestment in the Church of England
A guide to raising the issue of fossil fuel disinvestment in the Church of England. View/Download
(pdf) Encouraging Divestment in the Methodist Church
A guide to raising the issue of fossil fuel disinvestment in the Methodist Church. View/Download
(pdf) Bright Now: Towards Fossil Free Churches
This report sets out the moral, theological, scientific, financial and practical case for churches to disinvest from fossil fuel companies. View/Download
(Document) Fossil Free Sheffield – example briefing for Finance Directors
This concise briefing by Sheffield People & Planet and Fossil Free Sheffield campaign makes the case to university finance directors for divesting from fossil fuels. View/Download
(image) Fossil Free UK logo – campus – square transparent
Square Fossil Free UK logo with transparent background View/Download
(image) Fossil Free UK logo – campus – transparent background –
Horizontal Fossil Free UK logo with transparent background View/Download
(image) Fossil Free cross logo
The Fossil Free UK cross symbol to create your own personalised logos. Font = Brushy Cre View/Download
(image) Fossil Free UK logo – small horizontal
Horizontal Fossil Free UK logo on white background without People & Planet logo View/Download
(image) Fossil Free UK logo – Campus Campaigns – horizontal
Horizontal Fossil Free UK logo on white background with People & Planet logo View/Download
(image) Fossil Free UK logo – Campus Campaigns – Square version
Square Fossil Free UK logo on white background with People & Planet logo View/Download
(pdf) People’s Climate Mobilisation Europe – A4 poster – low res
A poster to help you promote the People's Climate Mobilisation from 19-21 September 2014. In English, low res PDF version. View/Download
(pdf) A Step-by-Step Guide for Running a Divestment Campaign
A guide created to help set up, plan and run a successful Fossil Free campaign at an organisation near you! View/Download
(pdf) University of Glasgow – The Fossil Fuel Industry and the Case for Divestment
A report by students at the University of Glasgow making the case for fossil fuel divestment. View/Download
(pdf) University of East Anglia Fossil Free Report
A report by students at the University of East Angial making the case for fossil fuel divestment. View/Download
(pdf) Ethical Investment Policy Breifing
Guidance for strengthening Ethical Investment policies View/Download
(pdf) Knowledge and Power: Fossil Fuel Universities
A joint report by People & Planet, 350.org and Platform investigating the links between UK universities and the fossil fuel industry. View/Download
(pdf) A University Guide to Fossil Fuel Divestment
A guide created to help set up, plan and run a successful Fossil Free campaign on a University campus View/Download
(pdf) Fossil Fuel Divestment Communications Guide
This is a guide to help anyone working on fossil fuel divestment communicate effectively about the campaign, whether you’re doing an interview with the press or just talking to an interested bystander. View/Download