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Councils: Fuelling the Fire

On November 9th – during the COP23 international climate talks – we’ll reveal how much the UK’s local councils are investing in the oil, coal and gas companies responsible for climate change.

It’s time for our local councils to stop #fuellingthefire and divest.

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A global climate crisis is underway – extreme weather and rising sea levels are threatening the lives of millions of people. With hurricanes devastating the Caribbean, and Pacific islanders fighting to stop their homes from sinking into the sea, the impacts of climate change are already hitting hard. Action is urgently needed, but our councils are still banking on the culprits.

In 2015 governments agreed the Paris Treaty to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees, but the actions of fossil fuel companies like Shell and BP are driving us far beyond this vital threshold. Halting the expansion of fossil fuels is a matter of survival for many communities around the world – we need to stand in solidarity with them, and fight for climate justice.

It’s time for our councils to divest their pension funds from companies who are driving the climate crisis, and instead work for a just transition towards a fair, renewable future.

Get Involved

On November 9th, we’ll be releasing new data about every council pension fund in the UK, showing how much they invest in the fossil fuel industry, and in which companies.

We’ll be producing an action guide and media pack to help you use the data to build support for divestment.

If you’re interested in taking action, campaigning, or getting #fuellingthefire in your local press – sign up and we’ll send you updates and resources. will send you updates on the divestment campaign.


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