The resistance to Trump is built on hope — and today we have more reason to hope than any day since November 9th. Tomorrow we need to keep building it.

On Friday, Donald Trump took the oath of office while people shut down seven checkpoints to his inauguration. Yesterday millions of people hit the streets in demonstrations under the global banner of The Women’s March — and it was the largest mobilization in US history.

This is a global superpower rising up into action:

Donald Trump’s first act as President was to delete White House web pages on climate change, LGBT rights and civil rights. On Monday he will begin signing executive orders and confirming his hateful cabinet nominees. We can expect more scary things to come.

Continuing to act is how we keep hope alive and build the resistance even stronger. The #ResistRejectDenial student day of action tomorrow will show that Trump’s agenda of climate denial does not have the consent of our generation with walkouts, marches and rallies at campuses across the country. Find an action near you here.


Donald Trump’s administration is a threat to people everywhere — and people everywhere are standing up to resist him, with those most at risk leading the way. Young people are profoundly threatened by Trump’s policies — and it’s also young people who’ve led the way with courageous mass mobilization in times of crisis throughout our history.

#ResistRejectDenial nationwide student walkouts will be the first youth-led demonstration under Trump’s administration. It’s where we will continue to make history after this weekend.

Thanks to each of you who’ve already marched, blockaded, or supported from afar — we are the people that bend the arc of history toward justice.