A fossil fuel industry PR group just released this cartoon video as an attack on Global Divestment Day:

This video was put out by the Environmental Policy Alliance, a front group for Big Oil that pushes out specious and inaccurate opposition research on individuals and organizations who fight climate change. The group is led by Rick Berman, who was taped by the New York Times as saying in a talk to oil executives that “you have to play dirty to win”.

This is what the fossil fuel industry is saying about you: that you’re a bunch of big, bad, radicals who want everyone to go hungry in the dark. But we know that’s ridiculous. We know that this movement is pushing for a just, sustainable future for all of us — one where energy is something that helps communities instead of hurting them, and where you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a voice.

If that’s a movement you’re excited to be part of, join us tomorrow for Global Divestment Day:

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The industry’s hired guns are trying to take over the #divest hashtag ahead of the big day. Will you help make sure #divest stays a tool that we can connect and celebrate with? Social media can be a simple numbers game, and you can help us beat back these PR flacks:

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This video is pretty low… but it’s also pretty laughable. In fact, that’s just what we did when we stumbled across it yesterday.

Then Aaron Packard, our Oceania Region Coordinator, used his own narration skills to do a remix of the video. And THEN the “Environmental Policy Alliance” made YouTube take down our parody version of the video — but you can still listen to Aaron’s fake “oil baron” narration below.  If the fossil fuel industry was being honest, this is what they’d actually say:

Click here to watch our parody version.