1) Share what’s happening in your country/city.

Post on your social media about what’s happening in your area. What events are being planned? Why do you think Global Divestment Day is important?

Share the sign-up link to your event from the Global Divestment Day map asking people in your local area to RSVP.

Use #Divest — this is important. This will helps us bring everyone’s posts together so we can see the momentum build and reshare content!

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 2) Share existing memes and videos

There’s already been some really great graphics and stories shared about Global Divestment Day. Share directly from the Go Fossil Free Facebook page or you can download the originals on our website.

Share this animated video that tells the story really well of why Global Divestment Day is awesome. Watch it, share it! (And yes we have it in multiple languages)!

3) Create your own personalized divest graphic

Click here – it’s easy, it’s fun. You can make it whatever you want. And we do have it in multiple languages! You can also automatically make it your Facebook profile picture.



 4) Take a picture or video

Yes, we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. So take out your phone or camera and snap one! Is your city preparing some amazing banners or art projects for your event? Show us the work in progress. Share photos of your team. Or anything else.

Post on Instagram and use #Divest or if it’s high resolution then send to our Flickr page!

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Looks like @FossielvrijNL is ready for Global Divestment Day in Feb! via @danielisler1


5) Invite your friends and family

We want you to come to Global Divestment Day, but we also want you to show up with the people you love. Invite them using our Facebook event! It’s so easy and will only take a minute. And of course, after that, what’s even better is to call them, email them or go to their house and talk to them.