A new documentary, Sexy Killers, exposing the devastating impacts of the coal industry in Indonesia has gone viral. Nearly 20 million people have viewed it online and over 1000 spontaneous community screenings were held in the two weeks despite attempts by police and local authorities to ban the screenings.

The film has clearly struck a chord in a country facing huge expansion of a polluting and irresponsible industry that is impacting communities land rights, agriculture, fishing industry, health and safety. A whopping 58 new coal-fired power stations are due to come online between now and 2027

The independent documentary exposes corruption at the highest level of the Indonesian government, and the complicity of candidates in the recent divisive Presidential Election with the coal companies and their financiers.

The Clean Indonesia Coalition #BersihkanIndonesia is promoting the film to help spark a national conversation about the impacts of coal and how intertwined the industry is with current political leaders.  So far, despite mounting public debate , both presidential candidates continue to fend off questions.  But how long can that last as millions and millions more Indonesians join the conversation sparked by Sexy Killers?

You can watch the full movie below to find out more about the impacts of coal right across the world’s most populous island nation:

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