Rise  Fossil Free

After Rise for Climate — join hundreds of thousands of people around the world to take part in simple but powerful local actions for a Fossil Free world.

City by city, town by town, let’s keep the pressure up.

Raphael Bodin / Survival Media Agency

In early October, we’ll take action together to bring home the urgency of keeping global warming below 1.5C.  Keeping our planet safe for billions of people means leaving fossil fuels in the ground.

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Together, we can keep the pressure on local leaders to make real, actionable climate commitments that are in line with what justice and the science demands.


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What next after Rise for Climate?

What comes after Rise for Climate

Tens of thousands of new people are set to join inspiring events on 8 September. That's lots of new people who will be excited to take local climate action together in the aftermath of Rise for Climate — so what can you do to absorb all the momentum and new people power into your local movement or group?

Make it easy for people to stay involved

Take some time before and after 8 September to plan at least one follow-up event that you can invite people to straight after Rise for Climate. Being quick to send out report back emails and photos/videos on your social media channels will help capture people's attention while there's still a buzz after Rise.

One month later, starting 8th October, we'll be inviting you and all these new people to take part in a simple, local action again.  

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