The following are one[ish] page documents providing a brief introduction to the concept (key arguments and key terms) and a list of top resources for that subject. These documents are not comprehensive by any means, but they should be helpful to comprehend the argument and provide a list of resources for a deeper dive. Most of the links on these documents can be found on our normal resources page; this is an attempt to organize them for campaigners navigating the financial arguments for divestment. Enjoy!

  • The Ask: When talking about screening out fossil fuel companies from a portfolio, we need to define “fossil fuel companies.”
  • Engagement : Shareholder engagement is a longstanding tool for investors to influence practical change in a company’s business practices; but it’s the wrong tool for the fossil fuel industry.
  • Consultants: There are a few other key players you should know when approaching a board of trustees regarding divestment. Consultants are at the top of the list.
  • Reinvestment: If we divest, where should the money go?
  • Will we lose Money? Is it risky?: The big questions on the minds of fiduciaries are regarding risks and returns.
  • Fiduciary Duty: What is a fiduciary and why does divestment scare them?
  • Stranded Assets: The technical conditions building the carbon bubble.