January 23: We will Resist & Reject Climate Denial


In the first 100 hours after Trump's inauguration, students are holding nationwide walkouts, community meetings, and demonstrations — calling on their campuses to resist and reject Trump's climate denial by divesting from the fossil fuel industry and reinvesting in solutions to the climate crisis.


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Students are making it clear that we are going to fight Trump’s regressive climate agenda every step of the way. We will not stand by while Trump stacks his cabinet with climate deniers, white supremacists, and Wall Street bankers.

We are walking out of our classrooms because our universities can no longer continue to back the coal, oil, and natural gas companies who are celebrating Trump’s victory and committing the globe to extreme levels of warming and disaster. The era of Trump must be one of resistance and noncompliance.

One thing that gives us hope is that our movement knows how to use the tools of the people – collective power and bold direct action. From our five years of divestment campaigns to the resistance at Standing Rock, we’ve seen it work over and over again. Now more than ever, we must all join together to fight for our collective future.

This day of action is only the beginning. We’re laying out a strategy for a wave of continuous escalation throughout the Spring to #ResistRejectDenial every step of the way.

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This resistance is built on hope.

The resistance to Trump is built on hope — and today we have more reason to hope than any day since November 9th. Tomorrow we need to keep building it.

January 23: Join the national day of action to #ResistRejectDenial

On January 23rd in the first 100 hours after Inauguration, students are holding nationwide actions — calling on their campuses to resist and reject Trump’s climate denial by divesting from the fossil fuel industry and reinvesting in solutions to the climate crisis.

Day of Action to Resist and Reject Trump’s Climate Denial: Planning Calls

On January 23rd, students across the country are walking out of class to stand up to Trump’s climate denial and demand that our institutions take leadership for climate justice. Now is the time to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in a just transition. Join the call and sign up now. #ResistRejectDenial

This national day of action is a collaborative effort between the Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network and 350.org.