The State Assembly of Paraná has banned fracking forever from its territory. It’s official!

Together with a community of experts, teachers, faith groups, farmers, politicians, volunteers and people engaged in the struggle to protect life, we won! Paraná had previously passed a temporary ban on fracking, but now it’s gone for good.

This means:

  • The biggest shale reserve in the Southern Hemisphere ever auctioned (roughly 3 times larger than Marcellus) will be kept in the ground.
  • 123 municipalities (with their territories already auctioned) are safe
  • 12.5 million people in the state are safe from the direct impacts of fracking

This is the result of a campaign that started six years ago when COESUS, the Brazilian Coalition Against Fracking, was founded by local environmentalists and today, has reached national proportions and has 425 organizations and members. COESUS is managed by 350 and our partner Arayara.

The sanction of the law brings the state as a pioneer in the history of Brazil, protecting our waters, our health, agriculture and economy. We chose to stay with life and now we lead as an example to other states so that they also say no to fracking!

But this is for tomorrow. Today we celebrate!