On March 4th, Hampshire students Emily Keppler and Alex Leff met with Hampshire President Jonathan Lash to celebrate Hampshire’s responsible investment policy and stand in solidarity with divestment campaigns nationwide. They hoisted an orange flag over the campus center to mark the occasion.

“Burning of fossil fuels is the source of most of the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere,” observed President Lash. “The build up of carbon dioxide has warmed the earth and is warming the earth at an accelerating rate. That simply cannot go on. It is increasingly getting us to a point where we’re going to have irreversible climate change that will cause significant global misery, damage to ecosystems, undermining of economies. They have paid for campaigns to try and convince the public that there’s no such thing as global climate change. For me, that’s lying. I think it’s wrong, and I think those companies have gone over the line.”

We agree, President Lash! Thank you for doing the right thing for your college and the planet.