Today, a Big Oil PR group released this cartoon video as an attack against Global Divestment Day.

The Environmental Policy Alliance is a front group for Big Oil that pushes out specious and inaccurate opposition research on individuals and organizations who fight climate change. The group is led by Rick Berman, who was taped by the New York Times as saying in a talk to oil executives that “you have to play dirty to win.”

After we watched it we laughed, then we laughed some more – then we had an idea.

Aaron Packard, our Oceania Region Coordinator, used his own narration skills to do a remix of the video.

*UPDATE* Looks like Big Oil didn’t like our parody and made YouTube take it down, but you can still listen to Aaron’s narration here – if Big Oil was honest, this is what they would actually say:

(if you mute the above video and start at same time – it’s the same hilarious effect)

Want to listen to scientists and activists? Then join Global Divestment Day happening this weekend!