The Rolling Resistance has just come to an end – an amazing month of anti-fracking action on the frontlines of the industry in Lancashire.

Since Cuadrilla, an oil and gas exploration and production company, started work to frack at Preston New Road(Lancashire) in January, the local response has been incredible. But with the industry pushing ahead, it was time to escalate the resistance, and to show that people across the country stand with the local community against Cuadrilla’s plans.

That’s why for the whole of July, national network Reclaim the Power worked with the local community to pull off an ambitious project – direct action to disrupt work at the Lancashire fracking site – Every. Single. Day.

The month saw some incredible acts of creative resistance, resulting in daily disruption to Cuadrilla’s fracking plans. It’s impossible to sum up just how brilliant, intense and truly inspiring the month was to be part of — but here are just some of the highlights in this ongoing story.

A few of our favourite moments included seeing three generations of the same Lancashire family blockading Cuadrilla, a ‘die-in’ in solidarity with communities fighting gas pipelines in Italy, and a homegrown banquet enjoyed by hundreds at the fracking site gates.

July was not the end of the fight against fracking in Lancashire. But what it did show was that when we come together to try something bold, we can start to take on the fossil fuel industry directly.

So whether you made it down to Preston New Road for a month, a day, or followed along online; whether you made tea, joined an action or shared a photo with your friends – you made the Rolling Resistance possible.

If you want to get involved with the ongoing fight against fracking, check out Reclaim the Power’s website.