The Rolling Resistance

A month of action at the UK’s fracking frontline in Lancashire

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In January, Cuadrilla, an oil and gas exploration and production company, started work to frack in Lancashire, UK, and the local response was incredible. But with the industry pushing ahead, this summer it was time to escalate the resistance, and to show that people across the country stand with the local community against Cuadrilla’s plans.

That’s why for the whole month of July, UK-wide network Reclaim the Power worked with the local community to pull off an ambitious project – direct action to disrupt work at the Lancashire fracking site every single working day.

13 locals took action together on the first day

We Said No

The month kicked off with an incredible action from 13 local people, including three councillors. For some of them this was their first time participating in a direct action. Check out their inspiring stories in the video below:

A lock-on blocks the site in the blazing sun

Action every working day, no matter what

Rain or shine, and with escalating numbers of police and private security, people still took bold action to disrupt Cuadrilla every working day of the month.

Hearing from speakers at the Green Jobs mass action

Mass action, every Friday

Themed days of mass action brought hundreds of people to Lancashire every week, closing the fracking site with sheer numbers and building connections with new people – from farmers to trade unions, youth movements to divestment campaigners.

Local women of all generations holding space at the fracking site in a #CallForCalm

People of all ages and levels of experience joined

For many, joining the Rolling Resistance was their first time being involved in direct action. Whether people came along to make tea, chop veg or join a blockade, everyone’s contribution was crucial to making the month work.

“I’ve never taken action like this before, but it’s clear that when local democracy is overruled to make way for Cuadrilla’s destructive plans, we need to stand together and resist. We’re here in solidarity with the local community and everyone on the frontlines of the fossil fuel industry.” – Annie (23), from Brighton

#NoTAP die-in at the Lancashire fracking site

Not Here, Not Anywhere – solidarity with fossil fuel struggles across the world

“We’re here today to stand with the local community, but also to think about the bigger picture. Across the world there are 300,000 lives lost a year as a direct impact of climate change and this will only increase with the development of a new fossil fuel industry. Those least responsible for global warming are the most affected. They did not ask for these impacts, just as the community of Lancashire did not ask for fracking.” – Skye Golding, Leeds Reclaim the Power

The Rolling Resistance was centred on fracking in Lancashire, but was part of bigger struggles against the fossil fuel industry and for climate justice. July’s actions reflected this, with actions focusing on building links between interconnected issues and movements, like the #NoTAP solidarity lock-on.

The Rolling Resistance bike ride from Manchester to Preston New Road

The local community in Lancashire has been successfully resisting the fracking industry for six years – July might be over, but the struggle continues every day.

UK support for fracking is at an all time low, and the struggle in Lancashire is just one amazing example of what it means to stand together against fracking, for a #FossilFree future!

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