Wow! What a week!

Last week saw 97 actions at Barclays branches across the country – check out the wrap-up here.

Stop Barclays Fracking

Week of Action, 24-29 October

This October 24th-29th, people from all across the UK will be taking action against Barclays Bank over their support of the fracking industry.

Get organising now for some Halloween themed fun to spook those investors!

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Why Barclays?

Despite thousands of objections and sustained local and national pressure, Third Energy have just been given the green light to frack in Ryedale, North Yorkshire.

If it goes ahead, it would be the first fracking in the UK for over 5 years. It’s a devastating blow for the local community, but what happens there has implications for all of us.

And who owns Third Energy? Our very own Barclays Bank.

While Third Energy’s business model is to ‘frack, frack, frack’, as an investor, Barclays has a few more options and is much more sensitive to bad PR. Spooking investors and taking away a key pillar of financial support would be devastating to the fracking industry already plagued with setbacks.

Ryedale is a new fracking frontline in the UK, and while we might not be there in person to stop the drills – we all have a Barclays branch nearby.

October 24th – 29th is an opportunity for all of us to act in solidarity with Ryedale, show Barclays that it cannot expect to get away with funding such a destructive industry and challenge one of the major pillars of support for the fracking dream.


How do I get involved?

Actions and events are being organised at Barclays branches up and down the country – from public stalls, to letter hand ins to branch take-overs. Click here to sign up for more information!

Everyone is invited to take part, so do get organising an event near you. It’s up to you exactly what you want to do, but here are some resources to help:

Conversations about action planning will also be happening at the ‘Unite Against Fracking’ conference (September 24th) and Keeping it in the Ground Mobiliser Tour (10th – 20th October).

Sign up to take part, and register your action on the map below. 

We’re aiming for upwards of 100 actions, and an opportunity for everyone that cares about fracking to get involved, whether it’s being proposed in your backyard or not. Whatever you’re able to do, please do join in!

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As the fracking industry fights harder and dirtier to get ahead, it’s civil society that needs to stand up and fight back. Barclays must stop funding fracking, or pay with their reputation.

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