Today the municipal board of Österåker have decided to divest from fossil fuels by phasing out their current investments and changing the policy for investments to exclude coal, oil and gas. The decision will be confirmed by the municipal council in June where it has a majority.

Andreas Lennkvist (V), who wrote the proposal says:

Emissions know no borders, not national, regional nor political, and the climate needs decision-makers to be responsible and take the leap towards a sustainable world. Every municipality should take the same decision as Österåker.


Start a petition to get your municipality to take a stand for the climate.

Now at least three municipalities in the Stockholm region have divested – Stockholm, Sollentuna and Österåker. But there is still 23 others that do not rule out fossil fuel investment.

To change society and respect the planetary boundaries we will have to isolate the companies whose whole business model produces climate change.

When ordinary citizens come together we are stronger than the fossil industry lobbyists.