Creative action through light painting photography

A guide for using the Pixelstick as a tool for creating light paintings for creative actions and protests

What is a Pixelstick?

A Pixelstick is a digital light rod that is capable of reading images created in any image editing software.

It displays the desired image a line at a time, letting you create and project visuals in real world settings that can feature anything from floating graffiti to video game characters, blinking heads or brilliant swirls of color.

It allows anyone to create beautiful images with the aid of a camera set to take long exposure photographs.

How to use the Pixelstick?

Watch this 5-minute tutorial video to learn more about operating the Pixelstick LED light painting rod and how it can be used as a tool for creative climate actions or protests.

Sample Pixelstick actions

Below are some Pixelstick actions we’ve done at