Shell exerts a poisoning influence on our universities – while it’s responsible for destruction from Groningen to Nigeria. It’s up to us to break Shell’s power, join us and make your university fossil free! #BreakWithShell


Breek Met Shell workshop

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The problem

The climate crisis destroys people’s homes and lives around the world. It disproportionately hits the most marginalised and vulnerable, and those that have contributed least to the problem.

Shell has known about the risks of climate change and of its own role in this crisis for more than thirty years.

What has Shell done with this knowledge?

The multinational decided to mislead the public, finance climate change deniers and actively work against climate policy. And Shell spends billions on finding more oil and gas – even though their existing reserves contain much more oil and gas than we can ever burn if we want to prevent climate destruction. Shell profits while everyone else picks up the costs.

To be able to continue with their business practice, Shell works very hard on its image. The multinational works together with museums, government institutions and also educational institutions such as many Dutch universities. For a small part of its big budget, Shell cleans its oil-stained image with these public partnerships.

Many Dutch universities have close ties with Shell.

TU Delft

– Shell is TU Delft’s biggest corporate donor for research projects;
– Shell finances PhD positions;
– Shell employees can do courses at the Shell Project Academy. TU Delft has worked on, among others, the curriculum.

Amsterdam University College (AUC)

Students who pass their dissertation with a distinction are invited to a dinner with Friends of the University, among which are Shell employees.

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)
In the Energy Delta Institute, RUG collaborates with, among others, Shell, GasTerra, de Nederlandse Gasunie, Gazprom.

Amsterdam Science Park
Is the biggest science hub in the Netherlands, where the science and business world come together. The research produced by the leading science institutes hosted there supports and feeds corporations such as Shell.

University of Amsterdam (UvA)
UvA’s Amsterdam Business School closely collaborates with Shell on several courses, programmes, and projects.

And the list continues… (Ex-) Shell employees are on the boards of many Dutch universities and thus play a very important role in deciding on the course of our universities.

By choosing to finance a particular type of research, Shell in a certain way of course directs the science that is undertaken. It’s mainly about research on oil drilling techniques and processing technologies. Not very surprising.
(Antal Baggerman, Business Relations Team TU Delft)

Campaigners of Fossil Free Maastricht University


Get the (S)hell out of here!

We do not want Shell to use the good name of our unis to improve its image. That’s why we are campaigning against our uni’s ties with Shell. Our demand:
Break the ties with Shell – the biggest climate polluter in the Netherlands!


Join us

The kick-off of the #BreakWithShell campaign took place on 11 June. In the autumn of 2019 we want to start a big campaign at different Dutch universities. Want to join? Come to our workshop on 13 July. Sign up using the form above.