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Past web workshops

Global Divestment Day: GLOBAL CELEBRATION aired on February 18th

We were joined by several campaigners for a global report back from each continent – we heard what worked, what didn’t and where new Fossil Free campaigns plan to go next together to keep building the divestment movement for a safe climate future.

Global Divestment Day: Media and Communications aired on February 4th. Everything you need to know to get your Global Divestment Day events and actions in the media. Plus tips and resources for spreading the word via social media before, during and after your event.


Global Divestment Day: This Changes Everything, with Naomi Klein & global guestsaired on January 28th  .   Naomi Klein and May Boeve discussed the role of fossil fuel divestment in changing everything in 2015. Plus a whistlestop tour around the world to hear each region’s plans for Global Divestment Day.   Here’s the presentation that accompanied it:

Global Divestment Day: Creative Action Planning – aired on January 13th 2015.  A workshop packed full of ideas for creating impactful, fun and eye-catching divestment actions in February and beyond.

Global Divestment Day: Building a Strong Action Team – aired on December 9th 2014.

Divestment: An Introduction  aired on Thursday 27th November. Watch the video recording below and check out the slideshow presentation

Using social media to win campaigns aired on Thursday 11th September at 19:00 CEST. Watch the video recording below and check out the slideshow presentation.

Communicating your Fossil Free campaign aired on Wednesday 3rd September 2014.

Watch the video below and check out the slideshow presentation.


Communicating climate change and getting into the Media – aired on Tuesday 2nd September. Watch the video below and check out the slideshow presentation.