How to Run a Divestment Campaign

All the steps and resources you need to launch a fossil fuel divestment campaign.

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Overview The basics of divestment campaigns Step 1 Pick a Target & Build a Team Step 2 Start a Petition & Plan your Campaign Step 3 Get Active & Build Power Step 4 Engage your Decision Makers
Step 5 Turn up the Heat Step 6 Stay Connected Step 7 Win! Resources Tips, Guides, Factsheets and more Divestment Arguments Reasons to Divest

Welcome to the movement.

The fossil fuel divestment movement is rapidly expanding around the world. Successful campaigns can take many forms, but we’ve found that many follow a similar path.

This guide will help provide some resources and guidance to start setting up your own divestment campaign, as well as how to make it as powerful and effective as possible. And don’t forget — there are people here to help and a global movement behind you to cheer you along.

7 simple steps to success

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step-1-meme300x143 Whether it’s your church group or local government, there’s help and support to start a campaign at an institution close to you. Then it’s time to get some people together (it’s ok to start small!), have some fun and figure out the next steps.

step-2-meme300x150Launching a petition is a great way to plant the divestment flag and get things moving, and there’s a free tool to use here that will stick you on the divestment map for others to find. Planning the campaign doesn’t need to be complicated, but there are some resources to help you think through the key actions, next steps and where to target your energy.

step-3-meme300x150Public support is important, and petitions, flyers, film nights, social media, open letters and public events can help you build it. There will be obvious allies in your community already to start working with. There are more ideas about building and showcasing the support from your community here, and make sure you’re always working with the media to get your message out there.

While public awareness is a key part of the divestment movement, you can’t win unless the decision makers are convinced. How can you keep on getting in front of them? There are arguments and resources that can help you here.

Most targets are going to need a real push, and at some point it may be appropriate to escalate the campaign – from creative actions through to office occupations or rent strikes. Here are some more ideas and help.

There are other people all over Europe (and the world) working on the same thing, and it’s good to stay connected and share stories and best practice. There are lots of ways to keep in the loop through social media, online networks and through staff support.

step-7-meme300x150We’ll get there in the end! Make sure to celebrate the little victories along the way, and keep us in the loop so we can help spread the good news far and wide and add you to the divestment hall of fame.