From early morning until late into the night, pictures of people Rising for Climate kept flowing in — and they are amazing!

In 21 European countries people from all walks of life showed up to over 280 different events. We marched, we danced, we sang. We rallied: for the climate, for each other, for a fossil free future.

Rise for Climate actions in London, Paris and Germany

Together we created an astonishing wave of people-power, which rolled across the entire planet on the day of Rise for Climate. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in close to 1000 events and actions, on 7 continents, with millions and millions more watching and supporting online.

We showed the entire world that the climate movement is vibrant, powerful, and diverse. We showed our courage, creativity – and our sense of humour, too!

Rise for Climate event in London

Let’s take a journey and look back at some of the awesome moments:

In Lisbon, Portugal, 800+ people marched to protest the government plans to expand oil and gas drilling permits:

More than 200 of us showed up to march through the streets of Cork, Ireland:

Rise for Climate in Cork, Ireland

Hundreds of us were rising across Spain too! From Madrid…

En Pie Por El Clima – Rise for Climate in Madrid

To Barcelona:

Rise For Climate mobilisations across France will go down in history: hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to demand climate action in 100+ cities!

Rise for Climate events in Bordeaux, Saint Etienne and Montpellier

Check out this colourful rally in Lille:

Rise for Climate rally in Lille, France

The massive, 100,000+ strong #MarchePourLeClimat in Paris, was an amazing show of people power:

Rise for Climate march in Paris. Click for more pictures!

In Rome, Italy, the Catholic faith community took action as well:

In Germany dozens of events brought hundreds of people to camps, marches, rallies and blockades: from Berlin to Essen, from Stuttgart to Mainz.

Events across Germany. Click for more pictures!

In Munich, the Rise For Climate activists took part in a colourful sit-in to protest car traffic and climate pollution:

And in Katowice, Poland – the town soon to host COP24 – local organisers set up a street stand to collect signatures on their petition, calling for an ambitious 100% renewable future for Silesia – Poland’s coal region.

In the north of Europe, people were rising for climate in many cities across Scandinavia.

Copenhagen hosted its biggest climate mobilisation since the 2009 COP, and 15,000 people showed up to demand climate action:

Rise for Climate march in Copenhagen, Denmark

At the same time young people marched in Lund:

Climate march in Lund, Sweden

And in Stockholm, the climate march brought together 3,500 people demanding a fossil free future:

A day to remember

From Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, from Ireland to Hungary, from Estonia to Sicily, Rise for Climate in Europe was a multi-coloured, creative, powerful day of people coming together and demanding a fossil-free, just, 100% renewale energy-powered future for all.

Did you attend a #RiseForClimate event? Please make sure to share your photos and video from the action!

What’s next?

Here’s how you can stay involved in building an even more powerful climate movement. Remember: to change everything, we need everyone.