If you’re running a local divestment campaign, the global divestment mobilisation is a great opportunity to take action in solidarity with the global movement, and at the same time take your own campaign to the next level.

What does escalation mean?

Escalation takes place throughout a successful campaign and can be anything from a petition delivery to an occupation. Your group should be constantly finding escalation points and ways to build power as your campaign moves forwards – until you win!

Escalation doesn’t just mean direct action! That’s the very last step, and it isn’t a good idea unless you’ve exhausted other methods, you’re trained and you feel confident and ready.

We’ve made a shiny new guide

Whether your campaign is feeling a bit stuck, or you just want your next action to build your people power and ramp up the pressure, you’ll find lots of tips and inspiring stories in our escalation guide.

The guide talks you through escalation step by step –

  1. How to build your base
  2. Stunts to attract attention and raise awareness
  3. Low level confrontation
  4. Direct action 

What does escalation look like?

There are lots of examples of creative escalations in the guide. Each one is different, tailored to local campaign strategy and challenges, but these stories can inspire you to think about how to do this yourself.

We held a web workshop with Kirsty from the Edinburgh University divestment campaign, and Meike from Fossil Free Berlin, who walked through how they escalated their campaigns in very different ways, until they won.

You can watch the recording online here:

“Hang in there if you’re in the phase of nothing moving [with your campaign]. There will be something moving soon! Connect, get together. Do some fun social stuff to gain energy and charge your batteries…

What helps me is reminding myself I am just one person of thousands worldwide doing this. It’s such an amazing movement. I’m really looking forward to the global divestment mobilisation this year.”                                                                       Meike – Fossil Free Berlin

Escalating for the global divestment mobilisation

Get together with your group and plan your action. How will you use this moment of global action to build your people power and put more pressure on your target? Check out our handy action planning checklist to help you think through all the steps and roles you might need.

You can register your action on our map so other people nearby can see what you’re planning and join in. With your help, we can make this period of action huge! We can’t wait to campaign with you.