This is a critical time. We need to see a sharp decline in the use of fossil fuels over the next three years. The world cannot wait for politicians and elected officials to lead. It is now up to us, and people worldwide are taking action to confront those who are profiting from climate change, and promoting instead the kind of community-controlled and just alternatives we want to see.  

That’s why we’ve launched the new Fossil Free campaign — working towards a world with no new fossil fuel projects, and moving to a 100% renewable world.

The imperative is clear, the inspiration is here. Watch this video to see what happens when enough people push against the pillars of support that prop up the fossil fuel industry, and demand, instead,  an alternative reality. A world where the worsening scenarios of climate impacts are avoided, and we are free of corrupt corporations who are causing this destruction and actively obstructing solutions.

Fossil Free campaigns demand their local targets to commit to:

  • A fast & just transition to 100% renewable energy for all: In Atimonan, the Philippines, when local parishioners learnt about plans for a new coal plant, they asked: why not put the same money into solar power instead? Acknowledging that inaction was equal to complicity with injustice, community leaders took it upon themselves to organise and demonstrate the alternative they knew was possible. The installation of solar panels has provided visible evidence of real power being placed in the hands of the community.
  • No new fossil fuel projects: The community of Peruibe, Brazil faced the threat of a gas-fired power plant that they knew would cause both environmental and social damage. Months of active campaigning against the project culminated in a heated discussion at a voting session of the local council. Testimony given by an engaged population helped conscientious councillors push for amendment of the municipal law which prevents the installation of polluting industries, successfully warding off the threat to this beautiful marine and land conservation area.
  • Not a penny more for dirty energy: The Mayor of New York announced, earlier this year, that the City of New York was divesting public funds from fossil fuel companies and even better, filing a lawsuit in federal court against the five fossil fuel companies most responsible for global warming. This, finally, was the moment that a highly-engaged local community had been pushing for, over months spent organising many emotionally-powerful community events; events attended by community as diverse as New York’s population, pushing for the systemic change they knew was inevitable.

Communities like these are pushing forwards, inspiring others to take a stand – it’s up to you and me to get involved. We have within our reach the power to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world that is powered by renewable energy for all – our shared fossil free world.

Will you join us on this journey?