There was plenty of bold climate leadership during the UN climate talks this year — and it came from those most impacted by the climate crisis and local leaders.

As Pacific Climate Warriors we stood in solidarity with German communities who are fighting the frontlines of coal extraction with creative tactics and determination. We stood alongside American youth representing the cities and states resisting Trump’s fossil fuel agenda by committing to 100% renewable energy. We lifted up the calls for climate justice and the leadership of Pacific islanders facing the brunt of climate impacts.

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We are all leaving Germany with a renewed sense of hope and optimism for the coming year — that together we can unleash a huge groundswell of local action for a Fossil Free world globally in 2018.  

We know our calls to keep fossil fuels in the ground were heard loud and clear — by world leaders here in Bonn and by people like you all over the world who pledged to take local action.

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Our rapidly changing climate is a massive problem that requires a huge popular movement pushing the right solutions in 2018. We need bold action from our governments but many are still failing to live up to what’s required under the Paris Agreement. Right now, building local people power to stop fossil fuel projects and accelerate the transition to renewables is our best shot at securing lasting change.

Street by street, city by city and from one community to the next – it’s up to all of us to build public support for the future we want.

We’re heading home now, but the Pacific Climate Warriors are more energised than ever to help build resilience to the coming climate impacts in our island communities and keep standing up for a Fossil Free world.  But if we’re to really be successful, we need you all with us.

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Fenton Lutunatabua is 350 Pacific Coordinator