BIG news! This week, a historic climate justice motion was passed at the 2017 Trades Union Congress calling for the TUC – the body representing the UK’s trade unions – to address the climate crisis and work for a just transition, including calls to promote fossil fuel divestment.

This is an incredible victory for the union members and organisers who have been working tirelessly to build a worker-led vision for tackling the climate crisis, and could be a huge step forward for the divestment movement in building the power we need to win.

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The resolution was passed unanimously by delegates to the TUC representing 5.7 million union members across the country and was proposed by the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, with support from the Communication Workers Union, Fire Brigades Union, ASLEF and TSSA among others.

“Today British trade unions for the first time agreed a visionary strategy to combat climate change. That must mean taking back control of our privatised energy and a serious call for a just transition to protect jobs.” – Martin Mayer, UNITE

It outlined a brilliant vision for energy democracy and climate justice – including calls for greater public and democratic ownership of the energy system; support for workers affected by the transition to a renewable economy; and the promotion of pension fund divestment and reinvestment.

On the conference floor, union representatives spoke of the need for climate action in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and other extreme events, as well as emphasising the role workers must play in a just transition.

The motion to the Trades Union Congress comes hot on the heels of UNISON’s decision to back divestment just a couple of months ago, thanks to the work of countless grassroots union organisers across the UK passing local branch motions.

If you’re a trade union member, you can support divestment in your area – fill in this quick form to get in touch, and we’ll tell you how.

Read the full text of the motion on Trade Unions for Energy Democracy’s website.