It’s election day today! That’s right – local councils everywhere are up for election, and May 3rd is polling day. Make sure you don’t forget to go out and vote.

There’s lots at stake in these elections. We need councils that will work for clean energy, for affordable homes, for divestment, and against forces that seek to divide communities. Today is your chance to have a say on who will be setting the agenda in your area for the next four years.

In lots of places across the UK, your council are up for election, and every vote really matters. So make sure you, and everyone you know are getting out there to cast your ballot.

Click here to find where you can go and vote for in today’s council elections.

Where are there elections?

There are local elections happening in 100+ council areas across England (none in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland), including: every London borough; Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Leeds councils; and many more. Find out here if there are elections in your area.

What you need to know to get out and vote:

  • To cast your ballot, you do need to be registered to vote already – if you are registered, you should have received a polling card in the post (see more on who can vote here)
  • You can find out who is standing for election in your area on this website
  • Polling stations (where you go to vote) are open from 7am to 10pm
  • You don’t need your polling card or any other kind of ID to vote – just go along and give your name and address.

Polling stations are often based in public buildings within your community such as in schools or town halls and they should be easy to get to – find your polling station and make a plan to get there.