The divestment movement that started at a handful of universities in the USA has spread across the world and now includes groups organised around faith, health, philanthropy and local cities and governments.

Globally over 30 local governments have already made divestment commitments, including Oxford City Council and Bristol City Council.

Local government in the UK holds over £225 billion in investments, and offers an opportunity for all of us to raise the question of divestment in the area we live and to build support for and get active on divestment in our communities.

Why not start a campaign in your local area? You could start by launching a petition, holding a public meeting or simply getting your team together! There are guides and resources to help you, with more coming soon. 

Step-by-step campaign guide

Guide to local government

Online Petition Tool

There are already a number of the campaigns around the UK, and a network of organisers to help share the experiences and ideas from other groups. Do get in touch with Ellen at 350 if you want any support getting linked in, running through campaign ideas or being put in touch with others near you.